Alpinista Samurai

Mònica Galindo

Alpinista Samurai is the result of several decisions I have taken throughout the years founded on the desire to become, at some point, an entrepreneur. Along the way, I managed to gain a broad experience in many aspects of communication.

I met Núria while working as Deputy Director of Communications for the Catalan Government: an intense and exciting job. Before that I worked as a reporter and editor for Televisió de Catalunya on its 24 hour news channel called 324, a fast-paced environment which helped me to learn to work fast without losing quality and efficiency. Some days though I felt we were reenacting the film Broadcast News with only one small difference: No hurdles race to get to the control room.

I also had my radio moment. It was at COM Radio when I worked as deputy director for the daily show Matins.COM, directed and hosted by famed local journalist Glòria Serra. After six hours of radio every day you’re ready for almost anything, trust me.

Where I stayed the longest was at BTV, a Barcelona-based television station. There I worked as ENG, responsible for covering all regarding to municipality. It was the perfect place to learn the ins and outs of how to handle information. Oh, and I also had fun, specially when I co-directed news shows like Fòrum Directe and Ciutat Oberta, where I met Glòria Serra.

All this was possible thanks to my two BAs in Journalism and Political Science from the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and an Executive Master in Marketing Management from EADA.